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Cozy Lantern

Bakery & Bistro

EST. | 2021

726 W. Walnut St.

Coleman, TX 76834


Closed Till 2023

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A Bakery & Bistro Story

This culinary adventure began in 1978. And has grown to include food and pastries from around the world. Our family embraced our love and passion for food and baking in 2011 at which time we decided to grow our love into a business. We had a dream to open a European Bakery & Rustic Italian Restaurant in Texas. We started with a plan and it grew into a food cottage bakery, D' Ave Bakery in 2011. We began to make many of my families pastries and candies and we created our spin of these to make them better and our own. After 10 years we finally found a town that was just how we visioned our Bakery & Restaurant to be embraced in. A town that had charm and had a love for heritage. So nestled here in the great state of Texas our culinary journey continues its growth in the lovely town of Coleman.  



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